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Postado em Dec 15, 2007 por Administrator - História

Priki is developed by Vitor Fernando Pamplona. It is his hobbie: P

The source code is in a Subversion server: /. We use the default structure of a svn project, so the trunk store the head version. There you will find three projects: priki, prikiEngine and priki_Ronie:

  • priki_Ronie is the first an very old version of the business objects of priki developed by Ronie Ulliana. It stay there only for history.: P
  • priki_Engine is the core of priki. There you will find all business objects, the parser and formatter classes. The business objects are domain objects with some business rules. Parser and Formatter are class that transform HTML codes in priki words and priki words in HTML code. Also there are unit tests for each routine in priki.
  • priki is the web application project. It uses priki_Engine as core and creates a web interface to that core. There are all interface dependencies, like captcha API, Tiny MCE editor, pages and stylesheets, WebWork actions, Prevayler transactions, and all the rest.

These " modules " give to prikiEngine and an independency of view and persistence APIs and allow other people to use the same architecture of Priki in their projects. JavaFreeCMS is the first project that uses the priki core structure.

To contribute with us, download, run and study the code. Priki Google Group help us to discuss, with some interested people, the new features of Priki. If you wanna be a developer you must include yourself in this list.

See you there!