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Priki installation is really simple. First you have to install some Web Application Server. Tomcat is a good server.

With tomcat installed, follow these instructions.

Download Priki war file and put it inside the directory:


Restart tomcat and let it unzip the war file. Go to


Open the property file . You can change these values to your configurations. Replace the value in database.path property pointing a directory that you want Priki save its content.

If you want execute Priki in a cluster of web applications you can set data replication properties: database.mirroringType , database.mirroringPort and database.serverIP . The type can be none if you aren ' t using replication, server if this tomcat is the server, or client if this tomcat is the client. If you choose server or client configurations you must pass the port , and specially in client you must pass the IP of the server.

Now restart tomcat and load priki in your browser. Enter in administrator page clicking in Admin . The default user is " admin " and password is " priki ". Change the default name , slogan and Base Path to your site. The Base Path is the default url to project. Example: http://localhost:8080/priki or

See also: Troubleshooting

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