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Postado em Dec 15, 2007 por Administrator - História

The Priki Police routines really work.

Priki is used as the core of JavaFreeCMS Project, used in JavaFree is a virtual Java community that is using JavaFreeCMS, and consequently Priki. In two months, the automated police routine of Priki already block 3000 bad urls. Priki police was always right!

The Police Routine consists in:

  1. Block any text if it has more than 60 % of links
  2. One time blocked, all urls and the user IP is saved in two lists: bad urls and bad users;
  3. Each new text, the routine consults if the text has bad links or was sent by a bad user. If true, it blocks the text.
  4. By the administration panel, users can block new Texts that priki cannot indetify as bad texts.
  5. Also in administrator panel, users can set users and links as good users or good links.